Suzuki Dr 600 Dakar

  • Used 1988 Suzuki DR for sale in Rougemont, QC J0L1M0

    Used 1988 Suzuki DR

    Suzuki dr 600 édition dakar pour échange pour moto route Suzuki dr600 édition Dakar, modèle rare! Avec une grande capacité d'essence, pneu usée moitié, pas neuf mais va très bien. Démarre seulement avec kic start, il y a pas de démarreur d'origine! Échangeraient contre moto de route sport, touring , faite vos offres on c'est jamais. Valeur de 18

    Year: 1988 - Make: Suzuki - Model: DR

  • Used 1986 Suzuki DR for sale in Peterborough, ON

    Used 1986 Suzuki DR

    RARE 1986 Suzuki Dakar 600cc! I have the one and only 86' Dakar 600cc Enduro known to be the tourqe power house of all enduros. Bike is in fantastic shape and had less then a few hours in the engine. If you know anything about these bikes come and have a look. Gurantee you'll be the only one with one in town to say the

    Year: 1986 - Make: Suzuki - Model: DR - Price: $3,000

  • Used 1989 Suzuki DR 600 Dakar for sale in Nambour QLD 4560, Australia

    Used 1989 Suzuki DR 600 Dakar

    1989 Suzuki DR 600 Dakar - rebuild or parts This is my Dakar DR 600 for sale. It was my daily commuter as well as fun on the weekends. The piston seized during a ride, but not due to low oil levels. The oil does not have a burned smell to it. I have included a photo of the piston melt zone. My intention was to strip it down, replace

    Year: 1989 - Make: Suzuki - Model: DR 600 Dakar