Ford Orion Lx

  • Used 1989 Ford ORION LX for sale in Cheshire, England, UK

    FORD ORION 1.6CVH MK2 CLASSIC SHOW BARGAIN CHEAP FAST RARE FOR SALE FORD ORION Registered as a 1.4L engine, Actually has a 1.6 engine in it. This is a fairly mint condition orion, has the odd dent here and there but for its age, its pretty immaculate. Its used daily and is very reliable, has never missed a beat. Good tyres all round, Has mot unt

    Year: 1989 - Make: Ford - Model: ORION LX - Price: £1,450

  • Used 1992 Ford Orion for sale in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

    Used 1992 Ford Orion

    Ford Orion 1.6 LX Breaking For Spaes How much is it?x Calls to 03 numbers are charged at no more than UK geographic rates and will count as part of any bundled minutes from UK landlines and mobile phones. Overview Vehicle Details Features/Specification About Us Showroom Vehicle Print Out £0.99 Ford Orion 1.6 LX Breaking For S

    Year: 1992 - Make: Ford - Model: Orion

  • Used 1992 Ford LX for sale in Heywood, UK

    Used 1992 Ford LX

    ford escort 1.6 lx not rs turbo, xr3i,orion, sierra, classic, time warp Hi and welcome to the auction of my classic ford escort 1.6 cvh LX, the car has roughly 11 months MOT, never been welded, its had new front wishbones and drop links, its also had new rear wheel bearings,the timing belt and water pump have been done also, the car has covered 54000 genuine m

    Year: 1992 - Make: Ford - Model: LX